Best Choice for Valentine's Day Flowers:

Tulips!  Tulips come in an amazing assortment of colors and varieties:  French, Frill, Holland, and Parrot to name a few.  They are a cool weather plants and are abundantly available in February.  They are less fragile to deliver in cold temperatures.  They are easy to care for as a cut flower.  They scream Spring during dreary winter days.The cost can be relatively inexpensive.  In fact, for Valentine's Day we run a special of 100 tulips wrapped for delivery or pick up for $100.00.  It makes a dramatic statement in one big arrangement or spread throughout a room or the house in many vases.  Your Valentine will love you forever!

holland tulips - cuttings flowers in sewickley & pittsburgh

Holland tulips are the most common tulip available. They are a standard tulip shape and petal count and come in a wide array of colors.  When purchased when they are still tight and slightly immature, they can last 5 - 7 days with proper care:  cut the stems before placing in a vase full of water.  Change the water and re-cut the stems every few days.

French tulips have larger heads, softer colors, and last slightly longer.

frill tulip - cuttings flowers in sewickley & pittsburgh

Frill tulips are a newer variety available to florists. They are a standard shape with cut edges and come in a variety of colors and petal count.  They can last 5 - 7 days with proper care.  See above.

parrot tulip - cuttings flowers in sewickley & pittsburgh

Parrot tulips have been around forever.  However, have not been consistently used by florists until the last 5 years or so.  They are more of a cupped shaped petal with serrated edges and come in assorted colors that are typically variegated in the petal.  Petal combos can be white/green, pink/green, pink/cream, red/yellow, etc.  Parrot tulips can last 7 - 10 days as a cut flower with proper care:  see above.

Here's a great article to learn more about the history of a rare tulip:  semper augustus


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