Favorite Thanksgiving Centerpieces for 2016

Thanksgiving:  the almost forgotten holiday.  But, it is one of our favorites.  No Fuss!  No Drama!  You can just relax, take a hike through the woods, build a fire, and have a feast!  Oh wait, you can't have a feast without an awesome centerpiece...

This year we are going "au naturale":  candles, casual containers, berries, flowers, fruits, nuts and greens.  Like this harvest centerpiece.

harvest table arrangement from cuttings  

This holiday arrangement is great for smaller tables of 6 or 8.  If your table is longer, scatter several down the middle with extra apples, nuts, and votive candles.  Or

oblong thanksgiving centerpiece from cuttings

works really well for any rectangular or oval table.  The taper candles help to add a soft ambiance to the room.  Then all you have to do is set the table:

thanksgiving table setting by cuttings

with a linen tablecloth, burlap charger, cable knit dinner plate, decorative appetizer/bread plate, faux wrought flatware, and vintage Martha apple cinnamon votive candles (smell like apple pie as they burn).

Steps to make Apple Cinnamon Votive Candles:

scoop out apples scooped out apple
scoop out apples scooped out apple
coat with cinnamon insert votive
coat inside of apple with cinnamon insert votive, place on table, light, & enjoy


If you don't have the time or patience, we can help!

It's not too late to order your thanksgiving centerpiece and table accessories.



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