valentine staff picks

With just over a week until Valentine's Day, the staff picked what they would like to receive from or send to that special someone.

vase of ranunculus by sewickley florist

Claire loves a vase filled with ranunculus in a variety of inspiring Spring hues.  Every woman's favorite and longer lasting than anyone would expect.  They're perfect to her to admire at her desk while studying for he GRE exam.   And box of caramels to boot!
potted orchids delivered by sewickley florist
Margaret is the orchid lover of the bunch and is always on the hunt for a good value.   She thinks a potted orchid is a striking statement that stays in bloom for months with minimal care.
amaryllis arrangement delivered by sewickley florist
Ellen's favorites include one of her favorite blooms:  amaryllis along with hyacinth, ranunculus, and tulips. All seasonal blooms that last.  She's a sophisticated & lovely lady who covets an arrangement full of unusual premium flowers in her home.
designer's choice arrangement by sewickley florist
Julianna finds it hard to choose just one favorite with all the flowers we import. So her pick? The best of what's around of course!   Who better to decide than the designers who do it daily.
fresh flowers delivered by cuttings:  sewickley florist
Megan just inherited a slew of vases from her family and enjoys taking a bundle of flowers home to play around with herself.  Sometimes she'll make one big arrangement or use several small vessels to place throughout the house. Spread the love!
valentine roses delivered by sewickley florist
Jim says if you're going to send roses especially red:  " Go big or go home."   3 dozen tall and showy!  "Choose a color?  I'll take care of it..."  My other choice is to send 100 tulips to your sweetheart.  100 tulips to spread through your home or let us arrange them to make one heck of a statement.
Happy Valentine's Day to all...


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