What now?

The holidays are over.  The garlands, lights, ornaments, swags, and wreaths are packed and put away and the tree is kicked to the curb.  The house looks empty.  Everything outside looks dead.  You just want to run to the sun and nearest beach.  But, you don't have to.

Plants add color and texture while bringing empty spaces alive.  Several plants can also make fresh air in your home according to an article we found in green living.  All of the plants that we try to carry regularly are based on care and conditions.  Care is always the first question a customer asks.  Everyone is extremely busy with life's details and adding more with plant care is not an option for most people.  Conditions (light and temperature) control where you place a plant in your home.

Our 3 favorite plants of 2017:

Birds Nest Fern:  Asplenium nidus
birds nest fern from cuttings' plant collectionThe Birds Nest Fern is one of the easiest to grow.  It's shiny spear shaped bright green leaves add a pop color to any living space. They like medium to bright light and do not tolerate direct sun.  But, we have seen them survive in lower light conditions.  The plant likes to be evenly moist.  However, you should always water the soil and not pour water into the center of the plant.  It will make it rot.  Don't worry if you miss a watering and see a slightly wilted plant, just water it and it will pick right up. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig:  Ficus lyrata
fiddle leaf fig from cuttings' plant collectionThe fiddle leaf fig is the hottest new trend in the house plant world.  Every home and design magazine features this plant in at least one interior of an issue.  It is a member of the ficus family but does not tend to have the same leaf drop issue as the benjamina during seasonal changes.  The plant can grow to 10' tall and likes bright indirect light and to be evenly moist with average indoor humidity.  We like it because it makes a statement anywhere you place it in a room.



succulents from cuttings' plant collectionSucculents come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and best of all they are super easy to care for. Neglect comes to mind when thinking about succulents.  They are desert plants and like sun and bright light and very little water.  The soil should be almost completely dry before watering your succulent garden.  However, all varieties are not alike and some of the greener varieties will tolerate less light.  Whether they are grouped into a garden as shown here or individually potted and scattered along a windowsill of dining table, they look great.


For those of you who just don't have the time or insist that you have the proverbial "black thumb", we have to take this opportunity to mention the f-word of real plant lovers:  FAUX. Both, fiddle leafs and succulents have come a long way in the world of permanent botanical plants.  Options and choices can be customized for any decor or check out our faux succulent arrangements or faux succulent wreath online.


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