Flower of the month...

Flower of the Month

Daffodils are starting to pop through the frozen ground if you can see ground at this point.  It is a true sign that Spring is just around the corner.  Daffodils are bulbs that should be planted in Fall for Spring blooming.  They are part of the amaryllis family and best of all deer resistant!  Click for more information about planting daffodils.

As a cut flower, Daffodils are generally grown in Holland and the states of Washington and Michigan.  They are available starting in December with Paperwhites.  This variety has a cluster of smaller blooms at the top of the stem which are pure white and very fragrant.

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January availability changes to the most common color of daffodil: a bright yellow like the beautiful "King Alfreds" shown below.  Daffodils are normally available as a cut flower through mid to late April.  There is some variation in color with some varieties being white, cream, and peach. The other nice thing about daffodils is a slight fresh fragrance.
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Vase Life:
Daffodils have the longest life when purchased tight and still in their sheath.  This allows you to watch them continue to grow and mature into full bloom.  This can give you a vase life of 4 - 7 days with proper care:  fill a vase half full of water, add a drop of bleach to the water, cut the stems, and place in the vase.  Keep the flowers cool and enjoy.


Gift Idea:

If you know someone who celebrates a special event in March, then daffodils are the way to go.  Send a bunch for every year of marriage, every year of age or just because and the recipient can fill their home with spring flowers at a reasonable price!

Spring Special:
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